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When someone performs a search using a service such as Google or Bing, the service uses all information available to attempt to provide a results page that includes links that accurately directs the user to what they're looking for. In addition to any keywords or topics the user searched for specifically, these services will often use additional data, such as the location of the computer they're searching from or information from their browsing history, to attempt to provide users with the most effective search possible. These results pages also includes relevant online ads too, usually at the top of the page or on the side.

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Online advertising (also called "Pay-Per-Click" or "PPC") uses search engines to promote marketing messages that match what people are searching for based on where they are searching from.

This means that your ad is served (or "targeted") to those people who are searching for keywords you choose. It also means you can target people local to you(called geo-targeting) by restricting your ad campaigns to regions where your services are available. There are many ways to run an online ad campaign to specifically match your products and services with the customers who are looking for them.